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Connecting Patients and Doctors

Dear Patients

Wherecare​ is a place where you can find a doctor.

It was inspired by hearing friends and family struggle to find a doctor accepting new patients.

Wherecare is simply a listing of doctor's practices.  You can filter the list by doctors in your area and by speciality.  You can filter the list to only see practices that are currently accepting new patients.

There are no complicated forms, no delays, and no eligibility criteria.  All the information is simply listed at your fingertips!

Dear Doctors

Every business, organization or group has a webpage - why shouldn’t we?


As a family doctor and previous web developer, I believe an online presence is essential.  We need a webpage where we can post practice announcements.  Out of flu shots? Temporary closures? New services? New COVID-19 policy? Direct your patients to your webpage.


Wherecare is a free space for your online presence.  It is your own webpage that is fully under your control in real-time. Your edits are instantaneous and super easy to make.  No misinformation that other parties may assume about your practice.  See the FAQ for frequently asked questions.

Get started by publishing your practice.  Sign in will be required - you can use either your Google, Facebook or email account.  Again, it's free!

- Curtis Foong, CCFP

Image by Liam Truong


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